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Walls close in around me

And weighty ceiling presses downward.

I've hopes, dreams, and great ideas,

But can't see how they'll ever come to be.

Doubt and fear assailing,

With many unrelenting questions;

I've tried before and failed;

What makes me think this won't be the same?

I know I have ability.

Others affirm I've got God-given gifts–

That God is really using me–

And He wants to use me for bigger things!

But I struggle to believe it,

And instead listen to the enemy's lies,

That keep the walls closing in

And the ceiling pressing down.

Until a voice softly calls my name,

Whispering words of encouragement

That cause me to see things not as they seem

But as they really are!

It's then I realize I am the one

Who has allowed the walls and ceiling

(Which really only exist in my mind)

To keep me from being all I can be.

So I ask God what He wants me to do,

He answers: Simply trust Me,

And use the unique gifts I've given you

To honor and serve others

I do trust You, I said to my LORD,

Then I thanked Him for supplying me

With precious and useful gifts

To share with people who need them.

Then the LORD motioned for me to look around;

What I saw surprised me.

Gone were the walls and now I could see

No matter which way I looked, there were endless possibilities.

Then I gazed upward, following His pointing finger–

What I saw took my breath away:

There was no longer a ceiling,

Only the ability to see a sky with no limits.

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