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My Website Portfolio

I built my first website for my husband's business in Netscape Composer back in the late 1990s, and over the years, I worked on a variety of platforms.


In 2016, I completed my Wix Webmaster Certification and now build and design all my websites on the Wix platform. As a website designer, I have found Wix to be an excellent platform for small business owners who know they need an online presence to compete in today's marketplace. 

I invite you to take a peek at a few of my favorite website design projects. If you like what you see, I'd love to have a conversation with you about designing a unique and creative website that will get you noticed!

Image of the home page of Metcalfe Horse Ranch


Initially, I was hired to design a website to showcase the horses bred by Metcalfe Horse Ranch to be sold at their fall sale in 2020. Since then, I have updated their sale with fresh content to promote their horse sale, each spring and fall. 

I was introduced to Vicki through a mutual friend, and it was the best thing that could have ever happened to our website! She was able to take our vision for the Ranch website and create a beautiful, clean and efficient site that we are very proud of!  She also manages the site updates for us, so I will never again feel the panic and pressure of getting changes made with a sale deadline looming. I highly recommend This Life Legacy and Vicki Prentice!

Deb Metcalfe of Metcalfe Horse Ranch, Dunseith, North Dakota

Image of the home page of Chapelle Creek Kennels website


Mike Davis had me build one website for his campground and liked it so well, he had me build him another one for his kennel business. 

Image of the home page of Believe Productions website


When Rick Losey, actor, entertainer, and presenter, decided to start his company Believe Productions, LLC in 2017, he knew he'd need a website. Rick's website features a blog and audio recordings. 

Pay attention. This is really quite simple. You do not want to pass up the opportunity to work with this wonderful lady. Vicki Prentice has helped me to make my dream come to life and she is one of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure to work with. I highly recommend that you reach out to make your Life Legacy come to life.

–Rick Losey of Believe Productions, LLC, Peoria, Arizona

Image of the home page of Bob "Mr. Attitude" Prentice website


This is the latest website I designed for Bob Prentice, motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and business and life coach. His website features a blog, a media page, and pages to promote his session topics to event planners.

 Vicki is an incredibly talented and creative individual, who has a great eye for design and has been able to bring my vision for my website to life in a way that exceeds my expectations. In addition to her creative skills, Vicki is also extremely efficient and reliable. She is always quick to respond to any updates or changes that I need to be made to the website, and she is able to get them done in a timely manner. If you are looking for a talented professional who consistently delivers excellence, I highly recommend Vicki as a website designer. 

–Bob Prentice of Professional Development Systems, Wessington, South Dakota

Image of the home page of Verdante Landscape website


Kikis at Verdante knew I had done design work for a couple of their sister companies, so when she contacted me about designing another website I jumped at the opportunity.

Our family businesses have worked with Vicki on two websites and several other projects with logos and she was excellent to work with every time. She sets a clear timeline, includes us in the concept creation and design while offering suggestions for improvements, updates and follows up consistently, and meets and exceeds every expectation. Vicki is always flexible and accommodating and is open to changes or adjustments where needed and always gives the extra help and attention to set us over the top. We recommend her to everyone and will continue to use her services with every one of our projects in the future. 

–Kikis Ayon of Vedante, LLC, Kuna, Idaho

Image of the home page of New Life Clinic website


Rosette and Nathan Loewen of New Life Clinic hired me to build a website for them in 2016. Four and a half years later, I was called upon to update their website when their son joined the clinic staff. 

Vicki has been involved with our website since 2016.  She is creative, available, and experienced in her approach to our business needs. Her updates are done in a timely and professional fashion. Vicki has been very good about giving us suggestions and ideas that have helped us stay current and interesting to our audience. I highly recommend her for website development, advertising, and Facebook communication.

–Rosette Loewen, Administrative Assistant at New Life Clinic in Huron, South Dakota

Image of the home page of Joy in the Heartland website


Lonnette Kelley hired me to proofread her book, Joy in the Heartland: Life-Changing Road Trips Through God's Living Fields of South Dakota. Then she asked me to come up with designs for bookmarks she could give to people at her book-signings. Delighted with my work, Lonnette decided to have me design a website and blog to promote her book and other entrepreneurial enterprises.

Image of the home page of Only Broken Seeds Grow website


Author Steve Ames asked me to design a website to promote his book, Only Broken Seed Grow. The website has a blog and video page, and we are eagerly anticipating growth for his website and increased book sales.

Image of the home page of Vote Steve Gardner website


When Steve Gardner decided to run for county commissioner, he asked me if I could build him a website. Of course, I was happy to help him get elected!

I’ve known Vicki for many years. She is dedicated to her clients and will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. She took my hot mess of a website and turned it into something our campaign for County Commissioner could be proud of. 

–Political Candidate Steve Gardner of Willmar, Minnesota 

Image of the home page of Mike Derby For SD House website


Long-time friend and client Mike Derby called me on a Wednesday to ask if I'd be willing to build a website to spread the word that he was running for the South Dakota House of Representatives. By Friday noon, that same week, his site was launched.

Image of the home page of Paul Register For Senate website


When Paul Register decided to launch his campaign, he hired me to design a website that would let people in his district know more about him.  

Image of the home page of Sweet Grass website


I assisted in designing a website for Heather, owner of Sweet Grass, in 2016 and made significant updates in 2022. 

Image of the home page of Courtney Schauer Agency website


Courtney Schauer hired me to design his site for North Dakotans looking for insurance.



Mike Kruthoff has been a long-time client of our family businesses, and when I asked him if he wanted me to design a website for his furniture business, he agreed it was time to do so. That was in 2016. Four years later, Mike decided it was time for an update and I completely redesigned his site, and continue to update each season throughout the year.

Image of the home page of CBD40 website


My husband met the Schneiders on a trip to Colorado, and after a brief conversation, they were ready to hire me to build an online store to sell their CBD products.

Image of the home page of Mr. 420 Friendly website


Here is a site I designed for a business that helps people find 420-friendly lodging.

Image of the home page of The Clothes Garden website


Michelle Naber hired me several years ago to design a website for her clothing store. 

Image of the home page of Creative Treasures website


Judy Maassen and her daughters were making unique baby shoes, pacifiers, buntings, and other beautiful baby items and needed a way to market them. I was able to design a website that met their expectations and then taught one of the daughters how to update the site.

Image of the home page of Chapelle Creek Campground website


In the spring of 2020, Mike Davis called me on the recommendation of my former employer, to ask if I could build him a website to promote his new campground. 

Image of the home page of Sedgwick Antique Inn website


Lupe Casias decided it was time for her historic inn to have a website back in 2015. Since she doesn't like dealing with technology, I continued to update her site for her over the years as needed. 

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