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Creative ~ Professional~Affordable

Helping small businesses,
organizations & authors tell their stories.

Website design to communicate and educate

There is no substitute for a well-designed and professional website complete with mobile optimization and search engine optimization (SEO) that will help potential clients and customers find you. 

A website increases the credibility and trust factor for your business and tells people that you are serious about your business and plan to be around for a while.

What type of website do YOU envision?

Take a look at the four options below and then give me a call at 605.450.0808. I'll walk you through what I call my "This Life Legacy Website Kickoff"to determine what you want in a website and why.

My goal for every website project is to:

  • Make it easy for potential clients and customers to find you on online searches!

  • Make it easy for visitors to navigate your site so they're likely to stay longer!

  • Make it easy on the eyes, no matter what device you are on! 

In short, I am committed to bringing an attitude of excellence, expertise, and an eye for design to each and every project, in order to...

ENHANCE your image in the marketplace

EDUCATE your current customer/client base

EXTEND your reach into new markets

Whether you need a new website, or your current website needs to be freshened up, I want to help your business capture your audiences' attention from the very first click.


Website Essentials consist of one to three pages–Home, About, Contact–and is perfect for a personal website to share your stories through a blog or for the author promoting their new book release, or for anyone who knows they need a website but want to start out small.

The ESSENTIALS + Website

An Essentials Plus Website is four to six pages, such as Home, About, Services, Blog, and Contact, and is ideal for small businesses just starting out. Essentials Plus gives potential clients and customers information about your services and allows you to engage and interact with your audience through a blog.

The PREMIUM Website

A Premium Website comes with seven to ten (i.e. Home, About, Services, Media, Blog, Testimonials, Contact, etc.) to showcase your business information through the use of videos or audio clips, a section for members-only, online booking options, and more! The possibilities are endless.

The E-COMMERCE Website

The E-Commerce Website adds the ability to sell items on your own online store! You will be able to offer discount coupons, add promotional videos for your products, get traffic with SEO for individual store pages, and more.

Computer Screen image with website design information

All four Website Design options above include:​

  • Website designed using the platform

  • Social Media Integration

  • Mobile-Friendly Website Design

  • On-Site Search Engine Optimization (with the site being submitted to Google for indexing)

  • 3 High-Quality Stock Images (additional will be $3/an image)

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