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organizations & authors tell their stories.

What kind of logo do YOU envision?

Take a look at the options listed on this page. Feel free to text me with any questions at 605-450-0808.

Logo design to create top-of-the-mind awareness

Your logo is the most identifiable visual element of your company’s branding and is the one mark that best communicates to your clients and customers who you are and what you do. You want your logo to create a top-of-the-mind awareness in order to make a lasting impression on whoever sees it.


Whether you're starting a new business or you want to update your business brand identity, I am here to help!

My promise to you...

  • From the outset of the project, I will diligently work to ensure your logo is just what you had in mind.

  • I will design a logo that you absolutely love and are proud to show off.

  • I am committed to bringing an attitude of excellence, expertise, and an eye for design to each and every logo project, in order to...

ENHANCE your image in the marketplace

EDUCATE your current customer/client base

EXTEND your reach into the marketplace

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Logo design services include:

  • 30 minute consult to discuss overall concept and ideas for the logo, font selection, and color

  • 3 logo design designs based on the information given during consult

  • The logo will be delivered in color, black/white in pdf, png, jpg, and vector (ai and eps) file formats

If additional designs are required

additional charges may apply

Are you ready to have a conversation about your logo?
Call or send a text to  

I'll walk you through the process
of determining what you want
and need in a logo and why.

Pictorial Mark Logos

A pictorial mark is ideal for a brand name that lends itself to being drawn literally (without using your business name itself in the logo) and where you want to create a sense of brand personality with an image that wouldn't otherwise be able to with just your business name. They are simple and easily scalable. Examples of pictorial mark logos: Apple, Target, and Twitter.

Abstract Logos

An abstract logo isn't restricted to a recognizable image, as with a pictorial mark; rather, it gives one the freedom to be fun and creative, employing unique imaging to represent your brand through color and form. Nike, Pepsi, and Adidas have abstract logos.

Monogram Logos

Monogram logos are creative motifs crafted together by combining overlapping letters or graphemes to create a single symbol. The best use of a monogram is when you want the tie between your business name and visual identity but have a really long name. NASA, HBO, and IBM are good examples of monogram logos.

Wordmark Logos

A wordmark logo is common for businesses or organizations with a short name. One-word or hyphenated/ combinations names are ideal. If your business name contains two words, they can be stacked to save space. Google, New York Times, and Coca-Cola use wordmark logos.

Emblem Logos

An emblem logo includes text inside of a symbol, often a circle or other shape, with curved text–like a badge, seal, or crests. A good emblem features a simple and clear icon and easy-to-read typography, no matter the size of the logo. Examples of companies with emblem logos include Starbucks Coffee, NFL, and Harley-Davidson.

Mascot Logos

A mascot logo is ideal if your brand thrives on being fun, colorful, friendly, and upbeat. A mascot is a great tool for social media marketing and encourages customer interaction. Examples of companies that use mascot logos are Kool-Aid, Planter’s Peanut, and KFC.

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