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'BE' Attitudes for a Merry Christmas

Most of us are planning, preparing, and spending for what we hope will be a merry Christmas. Since we all know that attitude is everything, I’d like to suggest a few “BE” attitudes to help us truly enjoy this holiday season.


Christ-centered: Keep your focus on the real reason for all the celebrating. Take time today to read the Christmas story and thank God for sending us a Savior.

Hospitable: Hospitality doesn’t have to be fancy, and it doesn’t even need to be done in a perfectly decorated house. Treat your holiday guests the way you like to be treated– warmly and generously, and keep things simple. Focus on people and not things.

Rejoicing: Delight in your relationships and celebrate your blessings. Your joy will bring joy into the lives of the people around you–it’s catchy!

Imaginative: Find fun and creative, yet simple ways, to really enjoy your family, as you come together to focus on the reason for the season.

Serene: Choose not to allow anything–even standing in long lines when you’re in a hurry–ruffle your feathers. Choose to be at peace with yourself and everyone around you.

Thoughtful: Think of someone less fortunate than you and do something to make their Christmas special.

Meditative: There’s no law that says you have to do it all, so take some time to think on what really means the most to you this holiday season, and prioritize accordingly.

Authentic: Be genuine and real. Don’t worry about trying to impress others with expensive gifts you can’t afford, and fancy togethers that are not your style. Just be yourself!

Still: It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, to let stress get the best of you, and end up feeling anything but merry. So take some time each day, away from all your doing, to just be still. Concentrate on being of the right mind and attitude, and see if you don’t have the merriest Christmas ever!

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