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A comical marriage story that just happens to be ours

We have been blessed to have our children raising their children in the same town where we live, which has led to many family get togethers over the years. Sometimes we get to talking about memories of the past and end up sharing story after story, giving those that weren't there a little bit of insight into the past.

Of course, our kids knew how their parents met and fell in love and married all in the same year, and they all have their own way of telling the story they've heard many times. They knew that in 1978 their dad was working as a rock 'n roll disc jockey in Alexandria, Minnesota, while their mom was studying interior design there.

They loved hearing how we met at Taco Johns where I worked part time to help with my school expenses, and how I would call the radio station on nights I was working to ask the disc jockey to play Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven.

It's pretty interesting to see how each of the grandkids have processed Bob's and my love story, as is evidenced by the cards that they gave us this past week when we celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary.

The above illustration, is the inside of the handmade card we received from 10 year old Hunter. His hand drawn stick figures depict in comic strip fashion, his grandparents meeting at Taco Johns in the first three frames. He then captures the dating, engagement, wedding, and marriage in the next four frames, and the final two drawings bring us to the present.

I've got to admit that I have read this card many times these past few days, and every time I it makes me smile, especially the last part. "They are old, but cool." I like that Hunter thinks we are cool grandparents. Life just doesn't get any better than that!

And by the way, Hunter, Grandpa and I think you're pretty cool, too!

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