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Live life on purpose!

To be “purposed” means one intends to do something. When we do something purposely or on purpose, we do it intentionally and deliberately. We have a goal to reach for, a mission to accomplish, an objective to fulfill, a design to carry out, a target at which to aim, a prospect for and expectation of success, a definite destination in mind. When we are purposed, we resolve to never give up until our purpose is achieved.

Be honest. When was the last time you really stopped to think about your life purpose? For the typical person, the days go by so fast, and there is often so much to be accomplished within each 24 hour period that one day just slides into the next, and we just keep doing the same things over and over again. Day after day, we plod on, just trying to do our best to maintain, giving little thought to whether we are fulfilling our life purpose or not. But how can any of us afford to just slide from one day into the next, for months–or maybe years–on end, without having a purpose that burns deep inside us and propels us toward the only thing that will bring true life and meaning to us? Being purposed in life is that important!

Indeed, it is a sad thing to see someone who seems to have little or no purpose to how they are living their life. When one is not purposed, he is apt to be wondering through life aimlessly, lost and truly unfulfilled. He may try to fill his life with all kinds of things that never really satisfy, all the while his true life’s purpose may be eluding him.

We, as humans, were each created for a special and unique purpose, and it is our job to discover what that purpose is so that we can fulfill it. But how does one go about finding out what his or her purpose in life is, so that he or she can live a purposed life? That’s a great question and the answer, if you will search for it, is deep within you . . . and it is all around you.

What do you love–I mean truly love to do so much that when you do it you feel whole and complete? That may be a clue to what your life purpose is. What is your heart’s deepest desire? Is there something you know that you were just born to do? Answer that and you will have another clue.

Take a look at your circumstances and relationships and find more clues there and ask yourself who or what you are living for right now, and if it is really what you are to do in the few short years you have left on this planet. Above all, ask your Creator to show you, and then listen, for He will tell you how to can live a purposed life.

What do you live for? What gives your life meaning and purpose? Go ahead and live live on purpose! Do not let yourself settle anything less!

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