The Legacy Process

Your Legacy Launch

Every Legacy book project begins with your Legacy Launch. During this 90 minute session, we’ll get to know each other as we discuss your desires for your Legacy book, and determine the scope of the project. This session will assist me in crafting custom interviews to be utilized during your Legacy interviews, launching you toward your goal of preserving your life stories for your loved ones.

The Legacy Interviews

Through a series of hour-long interviews, one for each chapter of your book, I will capture your story in your own words. All you need to do is  be ready to talk about your life, as I guide you through the thought-provoking questions prepared especially for you. I promise it will be fun and memorable! 

Spoken Word to Written Word

Your recorded words will be transcribed, and your unique story documented according to your Legacy interviews. You will have the opportunity to review, enjoy, modify and make desired changes to your manuscript.

Layout & Design

Your book will literally come to life as I format the manuscript, and we gather photos to add to your story, and choose a cover design to create a legacy book you will be proud to share. 

Your Legacy Book

One copy of your book will be professionally printed, and presented to you for your final approval. There’s nothing quite like holding your own book in your hands! You’ll have an entire month to add the finishing touches to your story, before we order copies of your finalized book for your and your loved ones. 


As the writer of family legacy books, I am committed to helping you capture 

and publish your life stories, for your your children, grandchildren and beyond!