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If you ever wanted to write a book about your life, but haven't the foggiest idea how to go about it, or you're realizing that now is the time to capture Mom and Dad's life stories so you, your children and grandchildren, in hearing and reading them, will have a better understanding of who they are and their own part of a larger story, I can help!

I delight in hearing the unique and inspiring stories of others, which is why I became a Certified StoryWay Legacy Guide. 

My studies and life experiences have thoroughly prepared me to assist people just like you in capturing their life stories to publish as a book to share with family and friends. Your completed Legacy book will be a powerful inheritance that will have a lasting impact for your family for generations to come.

As a Certified StoryWay Legacy Guide, I am committed to honoring others, and in doing so, I honor God. 

I am convinced that everyone has a story and everyone’s story should be told. I would be honored to help you capture your legacy story so you will have a family legacy book to pass on as a powerful inheritance that will last for generations. 

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Vicki L. Prentice

Vicki L. Prentice

Freelance Designer

Certified StoryWay Legacy Guide